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What Saturn Knight thinks about the Yeti

This guy is awesomely funny! Not crazy funny like WildCard, or wacky funny like Artifact, but very dry, sarcastic funny, in a way that you don't always know he's kidding unless you've been around him for a while.

For example, the first time I met him, I was talking about how I don't understand why Black Prowler causes me so much trouble all the time.

Well, Yeti stands there, thinks for a second and then says, "Perhaps he is jealous of your helmet." Then walks off.

Well, I don't understand that at all, so I. just forget about it.

Well, a week later, Prometheus is talking about how Terrorsaur Rex caused him a lot of trouble, and Yeti says the exact same thing! When he says it, I bust out laughing, because I get it now. He thinks our helmets are rediculous!

That's when I realized he was screwing with us!

Since then, I get along with him fine. He's really smart about magic and stuff, and he's a great guy to have on your side in a fight.


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