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What Victor thinks about Butterfly

Wow. Hm. This is sort of falls in the If you Can Say Something Nice Category of questions.

Damn. I'll be blunt. She's sort of a pain. I mean, yeah, she's fast and strong, and a good team mate on the Legion of Monsters, but her personality...she's like this little girl half the time. I mean, seriously, she acts like a freaking 4th grader sometimes.

Get this - we are on this mission, and we were supposed to be quiet so that we could sneak up on the Dark Agents. So there are, laying lo in ditch watching the Dark Agents unload trucks when all of a sudden I hear this ear splitting shriek...


It's freaking Butterfly chasing after a damn cat in the road.

Yeah. That mission went sort of downhill from there.

Hm. On the positive side...she eats her opponents sometimes.

That's about it.


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