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Meet Team Flashback!

Pierre Villeneuve

In his own words:
My name is Pierre Villeneuve. I am 36 years old and have studied Graphic Design Arts at Salette College.

I have worked in animation for various studios such as CINAR, Cactus Animation and Cine-Groupe, since 1996. I have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from the television series Arthur, Ultimate Spider-man licensing/merchandizing, Marsupilami to the movie Heavy Metal 2000.

My work is constantly evolving, and I am always on the lookout for new experiences that will help me improve myself and my work. I hope you enjoy the Flashback Universe as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Check out Pierre's Online Portfolio

Jim Shelley
Writer/Editor/Graphic Designer/Co-creator

I'm one of the most passionate advocates of Digital Comics you'll every meet! Pierre and I started this site in 2005 to promote digital comics. Since then what was once a reviled term used in hypothetical messageboard rhetoric has actually become an honest to god industry. Because of our foresight and perserverance, Flashback Universe comics can be found on iPods, Android devices.

I'm also the co-creator of NorthStars, an All Ages Graphic Novel series published by Action Lab Entertainment and distributed through Scholastic books.

Caine Dorr

Known as BlaqueSaber all over the internet Caine blogs about digital comics here on Flashback Universe, and can be found tweeting about pop culture when ever he's not working in retail management or spending time with his beautiful wife & daughter. In addition to his work here at the FBU, Caine writes action adventure stories with a superheroic slant to them with any spare time he might accumulate along the way.

Check out Caine's BlaqueSaber blog.

Matt Linkous

My name is Matt Linkous (aka MattComix). I write, I draw, and I dream of heroes. I'm a contributor to FBU and moderator at Henshin Justice Unlimited. ..and who disguised as a mild-mannered bookseller for a major retailer fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and other cool stuff! I live in Virginia with my wife Alicia (aka Lynxara). When it comes to superheroes whether they are classic American heroes or from other shores like the dynamic henshin-heroes of Japan, my adventures within these wild and colorful fantasy worlds always remind me to do one thing in real life: look up in the sky.

What is the Flashback Universe?

This project began, as many such projects do, as a discussion among friends about how much fun it was to pick up an old Marvel or DC comic book when we were kids and just be bombarded by a vast array of images and characters we'd never seen before.

For me, it was the Fantastic Four Wedding Issue. Picking up that comic and seeing panel after panel of heroes and villains just popping in really captured my imagination. I used to pour over the issue trying to figure out who was who and what their deal was. As I continued to collect Marvel comics, I would eventually put all the pieces together. Later, I would discover DC Legion of Super-heroes and the whole process would start again.

This grand sense of first time discovery is something I wanted to recapture with this project. In our comics, you are going to see many different heroes and villains, some for just a flashback panel. Some will seem familiar, being based on age old archetypes. Others will be completely alien to you. Hopefully, you will enjoy all of them.

Thank you for your time!

- Jim Shelley


All Artwork and Characters Copyright Jim Shelley and Pierre Villeneuve except where otherwise noted.