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What GodSpeed thinks about Kondorr


Where to begin.

He calls himself Kondorr the KILLER. What else do you need to know?

How about this.
He's rude, ruthless, smelly, loud, never wears a shirt and talks with his mouth full.

And those are his good points!

Hm. Sister Martha would not be pleased with me. I apologize. Let me think hard and see if I can think of one good thing to say about him.

Ah. How about this? Since his arrival to the Arcane Ghetto, I have not had a single breakin or theft at the Soup Kitchen I work at. Coincidence? I don't think so. I've also heard that he's responsible for removing the horrible Greico brothers who were causing trouble in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. I just don't want to know what he did with them.

There are some who say he's trying to build some sort of kingdom in the Arcane Ghetto. A kingdom ruled by Kondorr, I don't know if that would be better than the anarchy we've got now or not.


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