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What The Raven think about Runewraith

When I first heard of this individual, I assumed he was simply another night going vigilante like myself. However the more I learn about him, the more complex he seems to be.

While he seems to rely primarily on formidable martial arts abilities and a strange form of second sense, street intel says he's demonstrated two or three mystical spell type powers.

However, I have never heard of him using the same spell twice in a combat situation, which leads me to believe they have some sort of time based recharge limitation on them.

Descriptions of these spells vary, but one appears to be a binding spell that manifests itself in the shape of a serpent.

Another is some sort of powerful punch that takes time to charge up and causes a glowing aura to radiate around his fist.

The third appears to be some form of invisibility.

Having not met him in person, I can not say anything about his character, only that he seems to be causing trouble for the right people as far as I'm concerned.



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