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What Amanita thinks about the Paladin

Men have changed much on this planet since the last time I walked this planet, and yet this one stands alone as being like the men I once knew in long forgotten Ys. He is noble, brave and virtuous. And while many of my companions in the Vanguard are worthy of these praises, he exemplifies them.

Where he stands alone amongst his peers is in his opinion of society and modern culture. Even Prometheus, as removed from this modern world as I, has managed to blend in better than the Paladin. I suspect that is because his original place of origin, whatever that may be, was much more closed minded than Ys.

I still remember how indignant he got when I suggested we share a glass of wine together one night.

"Madamn!" He said, "A proper knight does not drink alone with a woman, lest her honor come into question! Surely, you would not want that?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. I told him honor can only be earned or lost on the battle field.

The he said the battle field was really no place for a woman either.

I haven't invited him out for wine since.


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