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What Lady Nemo thinks about Saturn Knight

He personifies arrogance. And that's being nice. Ever since I've known him he has been nothing more than a brash braggart who acts before thinking. In truth, I have little evidence that he is even capable of thought.

Ah, I see you think I'm being unjustly critical of the boy. Well, you will have to take my word for it. I've known him since...

...well, let's just say I knew him before he was a member of the StarGuard, and obtaining the amazing powers he has now have not helped his character one bit.

The one thing I WILL attest to is that he is honest and dependable - a regular All American Boyscout. Of all of the Costumed Heroes that clutter this world he is the one that I would say most exemplifies the Heroic Spirit. Those other muscle bound buffoons, like Prometheus for example, seem so caught up in their own God complexes than one wonders if they won't become a bigger problem than the villians they are always fighting.



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