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What Saturn Knight thinks about Lady Nemo

Hey, who's ready for an old girlfriend story? Well here you go:

Once I had this crazy hippie girlfriend who was always on my case about being a stuck up jock and how I never cared about the environment and all that crap and when we broke up she became a crazy metal wearing dictator of a large island nation.

No fooling. I used to date this nut case.

Yeah. Good times. Hey, it's not like you've never dated a crazy girl, right? I mean we all do it at least once, right?

Well, to be honest, she's sort of got an excuse.

For one, her folks were killed while she was at the prom. Yeah, I know, pretty freaking heavy. I know this, because I was her prom date.

After that, she was sent to live with her crazy dictator grandfather, the original Captain Nemo who took her to Mysterious Island, and raised her to follow in his footsteps. Now, she's basically become an Eco Terrorist, like her grandfather, but with more weapons because she's so damn smart.

I'm hoping she can come around, because part of me still likes her. That's always how it is with the crazy one's isn't it?



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