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What The Dead Skull thinks about The Raven

Bah! This fool has caused me more trouble than I like to remember. Both he and the accursed Paladin have once too often ruined my precious experiments because they felt the lives of a few worthless test subjects was worth more than the pursuit of higher knowledge! They are blind to the advancements my experiments would bring to mankind. Like all of this planet's 'heroes' they seem more interested in 'stopping crime.'

And yet, as I think about it...

...there is something The Raven seems to be hiding. Something about Project Atlas...

I say this, because for the most part, he seems content to focus on the criminal elements in Bronze Bay, but I have heard tales from associates that they have seen The Raven lurking at Ground Zero, in the rubble of Project Atlas. Sometimes he appears to be collecting items from amidst the rubble.

What could this muscle bound cretin possibly know about Project Atlas?

I may have to investigate.


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