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What the WildCard thinks about Amanita

In one word: Boing!

Please don't tell her I said that.

Seriously, she's amazing. She doesn't really have all the strength of Paladin or Prometheus, she's not as fast as GodSpeed and she doesn't have all the bells and whistles the Artifact has, but she holds her own on the Vanguard.

She's just basically one of the best fighters you'll ever see. Hand to hand, one on one, I don't think she can be beaten. Maybe she can't go one on one with Terrorsaur Rex, but damn, I can promise you, it would be a tough fight.

Hm...personality wise, she's sort of funny. Sometimes, she's really cold and aloof (especially to the guys) other times she's this no nonsense, take charge type. I've even seen a sort of fun side to her when she thought no one was looking.

And trust me, with Amanita, usually everyone is looking!


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